Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK latest Download For Android


Download Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK modern v1.2 For Android. Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk sport is a conventional fighting recreation with stickman-style characters and specific drawings. Each has the ability to hit and forged. Basic physics permits you to ignore gravity in a few cases.
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Sep 20, 2022

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Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK cutting-edge v1.2 Download For Android.

Download Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK modern v1.2 For Android. Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk sport is a conventional fighting recreation with stickman-style characters and specific drawings. Each has the ability to hit and forged. Basic physics permits you to ignore gravity in a few cases.

Battlegrounds are laid out like natural landscapes or alien planets. The sport has approximately 100 characters and numerous sport modes. Here you will find tale mode, fight towards opponents, training and competitions.

It is the modern day combating online game available to download from the internet. It’s a side-scrolling fighter with cartoon pictures and superb entertainment for folks who do not need to make investments hours in fighting games. In this recreation, your hero has many extraordinary movements,

but they all use a keep on with attack enemies. The controls are simple, making the sport easy to apply for those who have by no means played earlier than The Super Dragon Hero Game Mod app is referred to as Stick Man. He is an regular guy who lives in a small city known as a thug.

One night, Stickman turned into seeking out hassle when he encountered an indignant dragon. While fighting the beast, he located that the dragon had a few control over humans, so Stick Man figured out the way to control the dragon.

About Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk

In this journey sport, you’ll begin your journey with the ultimate dragon hero in the notable world of super journey racing. The recreation has 4 one-of-a-kind worlds wooded area, snow, sky, and multiple tiers.

Adventure Run Game Offline Free is a conventional platform recreation with thrilling heritage art and extraordinary characters and thrilling but easy gameplay. If you like dragons and fable worlds, this ultra-modern dragon will have to go through distinctive worlds and combat alone against many evil monsters. So Super Dragon Hero Game Mod App,

an adventure sport for boys and girls, enables Sasuke gather effective abilities to defeat all enemies in the adventure to keep himself and his last village. Take a stroll as you discover the lovely world we have created for a magical revel in.

With the reward of joining notable forces for a excellent gaming enjoy. As you reach greater tiers on your adventure, you may face dangerous levels and the truth of survival on this hard jungle platform conflict! With clean sport policies, even kids can grasp this super fun and smooth game.

Explore the arena of the Ice Age and find out secrets with Sisu, the extremely good last dragon! Avoid dangerous monsters while being chased by way of their minions. Discover the liberty of the beautiful safari world on a extraordinary journey! This game is straightforward recreation but now not so smooth to master.

Challenge yourself to turn out to be the first-rate dragon hero on this adventure game and defeat all enemies, proportion it with your buddies, and notice who’s the dragon hero. You will locate many stages to enjoy and play.

This 2D journey sport has many tough and fun tiers to explore with your pets and companions. Fight to live on on this fantasy world. There is a unique boss mode wherein you need to combat bosses to reach the following level for exciting rewards. The a laugh never ends in this platform game!

Show your abilties with the aid of finishing the levels and becoming a hero! Collect all of the candies, cash, and end result inside the jungle world or other tiers and use them for strength-u.S.To advantage lifestyles, fitness, and extra. You will stumble upon many enemies on the way to finishing your assignment, so get prepared for an epic journey! This hero adventure game is for boys or women who can assist defeat the closing dragon!

You can acquire coins to explore more new worlds and experience the sport offline and totally free, simply play.

Some call it Sisu, others name it Ryan or Raya, however whatever the name, make certain you win the sport and shop the ultimate dragon. This sport is unfastened for both boys and women. If you adore platform video games and adventure video games, you may definitely love Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk Game.

Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk Features

Get unlockable characters In all of the original versions of Dragon Ball, be it cartoons, animations, or video video games, it would not be interesting to frequently see new characters with precise skills. There is usually a plot twist. It isn’t any exception, because it offers players increasingly more characters to exercise and unlock earlier than the war.

And sadly, you cannot release the stats you want via buying and selling. Sometimes you want a lot of good fortune or a variety of tough paintings to get the reward of your favourite character.

Call device This system is the primary manner to get new characters. This calls for players to use Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk superior forex, Chronocrystal, to buy any individual in the game.

Although you can ignore existing characters, they may be beneficial later when you improve existing characters to Power Level Z. Additionally, you could additionally free up new characters by using finishing story events.

Work of man or woman In the authentic manga, maximum characters fight or train to boom their strength. So there are numerous methods to enhance the electricity of your chosen characters within the Super Dragon Hero Game App. Let’s look at the essential features.

The story The simplest manner to boom Story XP power degree. Each animated person for your team earns revel in points (EXP) for efficaciously completing a story level or occasion. You can complete those obligations till you run out of strength.

XP education In addition to story EXP, you could use training weights to growth the amount of EXP. There is a time restrict alternative, however this selection isn’t regarded but.

Note that characters in training can nonetheless participate in fight. So you do not ought to worry approximately dropping your most powerful fighters within the middle of the game.

The enthusiasm of the soul You can also raise your stats with the aid of unlocking new improve panels on the Soul Boost board. Users can unlock new booster panels with Zeni and Soul by using finishing story chapters and replacing rare medals (obtained from quests and completing tale demanding situations) for souls in the Exchange Shop.

Jump on the building. Your man or woman can discover the metropolis by means of walking, flying, and jumping. He can also soar over buildings. This offers him a clear view of the city and lets in him to spot villains from afar.

Great sound and song machine. You will enjoy the amazing sound outcomes that correctly reflect actual conditions. Also, the sport has a song machine that is exceptional and refreshing.

Many hero stages. There are many hero stages in this recreation. Thus, you usually look forward to the next degree because it presents new demanding situations. It gets rid of the boredom and you’ve a incredible time even as gambling the sport.

Raise your hero. As the game progresses, you will be given the choice to release new heroes or enhance your current ones. It offers you new capabilities and abilities with the intention to are available on hand while combating the awful men.

Easy operation. The game functions on-screen controls that can help you manage your individual with remarkable ease. They are very responsive and you will now not feel any lag.

Additional Features

  • Rope hero protects the gangster crime city from car thieves, mafia gangsters, and terrorists
  • Mafia gangster crime metropolis in an in depth environment with unique perspectives
  • Dragon rope hero journey in gangster vegas city to discover the big crime town
  • Dragon Hero’s Rope Hero jumps excessive to cover massive distances
  • Online mafia gangster tough in crime city
  • Rope Hero recreation facilitates you unencumber greater DBS superhero costumes to play
  • Simple, intuitive operation.
  • Classic platform sport fashion.
  • Different worlds, woodland, snow, sky.
  •  Many ranges, monsters, and epic bosses.
  • Beautiful pix and sound.
  • The recreation is unfastened, no purchases are required.
  • Suitable for youngsters.


  • Fight extraordinary dragon rope hero in gangster crime town with tremendous tune and sound
  • Amazing amazing dragon hero gameplay with exclusive hero levels
  • Superheroes with the tremendous action thriller gameplay of DBS Superheroes
  • Dragon Rope Heroes combat wonderful mutants destroying buildings and offices
  • Show your taking pictures capabilities with the DBS Superhero game

In terms of gameplay,It offers you a combined 1vs1 layout with actual-time battles and a selection of battle maps. And the cards represent the man or woman’s talents.

Each card incorporates a primary attack and a random Dragon Ball. You want to accumulate enough seven dragon balls to spark off the pleasant manage of that person with considerable consequences.

In this area, each player battles a crew of 3 characters selected from the Dragon Ball universe. You can use the combat machine via the on-screen map using hand-to-hand fight or complicated combat strategies. Also, gamers can carry out powerful combo attacks by means of activating a card. The following behavior happens each time the individual loses. The winner is the one who defeats three warriors of the opposing team.

The running system of the sport is exceptionally easy. It is fairly well matched with cellular devices or pills. Crafting with other warring parties is simple to get used to, but turning into a master is an unorthodox tale. It has most important modes: Offline and PvP.

Unlike other games, talents in Dragon Ball Legends are unlocked thru a card gadget that lets in you to mix a couple of talents. And don’t worry, it might not be too tough with a view to collect all of the hints.

How to play Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk?

  • The rope hero fights terrific mutants destroying buildings and workplaces
  • Show first-rate dragon rope hero capturing abilities and prevent all the terrible men from coming your manner
  • Super dragon rope hero defeat the enemies and stop their illegal activities within the huge metropolis
  • Run as a rope hero in Super Dragon Rope Hero
  • Superpower can save people within the awesome dragon hero recreation
  • Use your DBS superhero combating skills on this alliance battle

About the individual

The exceptional characters may be seen in the screenshots. Like Ultimate Tenkaichi, all character models are HD and each person has BT3 and anime attacks.

Goku: – You will see Goku with all his bureaucracy in DBS, GT, and Xeno. You will even see Xeno Goku New Limit Breaker Form and Anime War Goku Omni God.

Vegetables:– Vegetables are located in DBS, GT, and Xeno. You can even see Xeno Vegeta New Limit Breaker Form and Anime War Vegeta Omni God.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Villains: Hearts Godlier, Super Fu, Oren, Kami, Kamba, Zamasu, Myra, and plenty of extra. You will see new models of Dil Super Fu, Oren, and Kami.

Fusion Characters: Gogeta Blue, Vegeta Blue, Xeno Gogeta SSJ4, Xeno Vegito SSJ4, Xeno Wedgecases, Vegitrunx, and Kefla. You can watch anime like Kefla New Attack and Gogeta, there may be additionally anime Attack on Vegito.

Save your people!

Super Dragon Hero Mod game become set towards the heritage of a quiet town. Suddenly, superpowered villains appear and smash the metropolis. They destroy the whole lot in their route.

Citizens panic and don’t know what to do. They need a savior who can keep them from these evil people. Where are you from? You will infiltrate the underworld with specific rope powers. It is up to you to store the metropolis and its inhabitants from these villains.

But this recreation will no longer be clean. Villains are robust and will fight difficult. You need to use all of your competencies and talents to defeat them. Only then can you save the town and its population.

A very distinct enemy

There are one-of-a-kind forms of enemies on this game. Each enemy has unique powers and abilities. You should observe each enemy cautiously and find out their weaknesses. They include:

The city is under heavy chance from terrorists. They kidnap harmless humans and demand ransom. You ought to rescue the hostages and stop the terrorists from wearing out their evil plans.

The metropolis is also concerned approximately gangsters. They are worried in unlawful activities like the drug exchange, homicide, and theft. They need to stop their activities and restore peace inside the town. Some younger girls have taken over the metropolis. They have superpowers that cause them to very risky. Be certain to stop them before they do extra damage.

Car thieves are petty criminals who scouse borrow those cars. However, if left unchecked, they may be very risky. Peace need to return to the town. The sport also features boss battles. The bosses are difficult and require creativity, persistence, and determination to defeat them.

Fortunately, you have got Super Dragon Hero Game superhero abilties that consist of superior combating abilities. You can also shoot fireballs out of your fingers to defeat bosses.

Make your self the excellent hero

This is a fun game because it has on-line elements inclusive of a kite and a stick discern There are five stages on this game. The first level is the training area wherein you will see the hero’s controls that govern his moves.

The second degree puts you in a scenario where you have to defeat several villains earlier than you notice the dragon. You must store the day by defeating all the enemies. When you play the Super Dragon Hero Game Mod app, you’ll simplest play as a hero. You’ll have greater controls like Mouse flow, soar, assault, twist, and stay clear of. These controls will assist you grasp the hero’s talents and defeat effective opponents.

You may also observe that the game consists of different players at the server. If you are in a conflict, you may use the stay chat interface to peer what is going on.

Play with our whole world in multiplayer mode

If you like multiplayer video games then Super Dragon Hero Game is a amusing recreation for you. There are many servers to choose from to play this recreation at the internet. It’s a web movement recreation, so other gamers round the sector may be playing it, just like you. These video games are also loose so you do not should pay a single cent to completely enjoy the game. All you have to do is create your account and you could begin playing right away.

If you’ve got any questions about the sport, you can ask other gamers through the loose chat interface. They are satisfied to answer all your questions. The App is none aside from the Dragon Master himself, who may be determined on Kohaku Island. He is thought for his knowledge and potential to defeat any enemy on the island together with his burst of magical powers.


Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk is a conventional arcade recreation with fans round the sector. You ought to select a hero and visit warfare with him. Nothing hard to manipulate, simply leap to and fro to keep away from getting hit. Unlock effective attacks and revel in dynamic gameplay.

Improve your man or woman’s skills and hold prevailing. Play in arcade or tale mode and complete over 144 levels. Participate in tournaments and aid education to improve. Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk App is a famous motion arcade recreation worldwide. The mightiest superhero machine is popular with fans around the sector. Super Heroes Super (to Z) is a device to enhance overall performance.

To take part in the Tournament of Power, your superhero must be upgraded to a better degree. Powerful skill device: Great Attack, Blast Ball, Shadow Flash, Battle of… System Boss System One of the quality bosses in lots of universes.

Extreme power and exceptional combating capabilities. Download the game now, beat the boss, and be a part of the exceptional game community to expose off your great achievements. Plastic Man Fight has the very best controls to play! All you need to do is circumvent,

jump, enhance your power and combat the very best and most combative superhero attackers. Use the closing electricity, the Ultra Shooting Ball skill, to kill all the attackers within the shadows. Features – Over a hundred stickman warring parties. Stick Warriors cards are constantly updated,

graphic transformation Super SSJ Z simplest on different human beings’s playing cards in DBGT conflict! – Arcade Mode: Fight your favored fighters in non-stop battles. The winner is decided after 3 rounds. Tournament: The top sixteen opponents have been selected to take part within the tournament. Anyone who has given up can stand at the path to remaining glory as a new glory.

How to download and install the Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk?

This specific belongings ensures that its customers are usually covered. If you cannot find this app within the Google Play Store, you could usually download it from this internet site. Follow the steps below to install this app on Android devices earlier than finishing the idea.

  1. Go to “Unknown Sources” in Settings. After that, visit Security and enable the Security alternative.
  2. Go to the down load supervisor of your Android device and click on on Super Dragon Hero Game. Now it’s time which will down load it.
  3. Two options can be found on the cellular display. There are two ways to install an working device and all you have to do is boot it fast in your Android device.
  4. You will see a popup with options to your mobile screen. You need to wait some time for it to appear.
  5. When all downloads and installations are entire, just click on the “Open” choice and open the display screen in your cell device.

Screenshot and Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can ApkResult.Com guarantee 100% safety for the Super Dragon Hero Game Mod App?

A: If a person wants to download an APK document from ApkResult.Com, we test the relevant APK report on Google Play and permit customers to down load it at once (of course they are cached on our server). The APK record may be found in our cache if it does not exist in Google Play.

Q: Installing an APK from ApkResult.Com permits updating it from the Play Store.

A: Yes, of path. The Play Store installs from Google’s servers, apart from downloading and putting in your service, and page loading from web sites like ApkResult.Com is the identical.

After you down load the new version of the app, an update will begin right away.

Q: How come Android App Permission is required in order to down load Super Dragon Hero Game Mod Apk?

A: Applications want to get entry to certain devices’ systems. As soon as an software is hooked up, you may be knowledgeable of all of the permissions it requires.


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Download Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK is placed inside the Action category and turned into advanced via Zego Global Publishing’s.

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However, this app is rated 4 out of 5 stars in keeping with exceptional score structures.

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The app has been downloaded at the least times, but the range of downloads can attain .

Download Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK If you need a free app for your Action device, but you need 7.Zero+ model or higher to install this app.

  • Bug Resolved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed Boosted


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How to install Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK latest v1.2 Download For Android apk?

1. Tap the downloaded Super Dragon Hero Game Mod APK latest v1.2 Download For Android apk file.

2. Run the file and Allow installation from unknown sources

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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