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Hey Love Chris Mod APK latest for Android

Download Hey Love Chris Mod APK latest v2022.1.24.1 for Android Android. Hey Love Chris Mod APK is a text-primarily based, choose-your-personal-action sport with a new whats up love tale. Hey, Love Chris is provided by using Chris Hazell and carries sexual references. The recreation is suitable for 12+, So you should ensure that minors do not do it. In this recreation, you work for the fashion designer of Mason Mack.
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Hey Love Chris Mod APK latest v2022.1.24.1 for Android.

Download Hey Love Chris Mod APK latest v2022.1.24.1 for Android Android. Hey Love Chris Mod APK is a text-primarily based, choose-your-personal-action sport with a new whats up love tale. Hey, Love Chris is provided by using Chris Hazell and carries sexual references. The recreation is suitable for 12+, So you should ensure that minors do not do it. In this recreation, you work for the fashion designer of Mason Mack.

It is worth noting that John Mack, a famous fashion designer in Paris, will ask you to create new styles. Your layout aims to draw people and positioned their enterprise within the highlight. Are you ready for this task?

It is constructed so that it will textual content and chat with the Messenger app. This App providAppdifferent characters. It’It’sportant to word that every person is hand-drawn in a one-of-a-kind sport/bright novel style.


This is your risk to pick out who you need to flirt with. There are three capability fanatics to pick from, and you are positive to find love. A new excitement in this game is that you could experience LGBT relationship. Selecting a date and a lover could be very clean.

In this sport, you’ll discover that you are pregnant and sporting a model named Chris. A lot is converting, and you have to display you may cope with the scenario. You have several options in the sport.

About Hey Love Chris Mod Apk

If you’re passionate and love stunning and romantic love stories, but you condoned the twists and emotions that you often see on TV, that consume because now the Hey Love Chris recreation is for you. Thanks to the Hey Love Chris Mod Apk App sport,

now you have the right to pick your favored story and be part of the amusing to show your solutions. You will get the result of what you’ve got done in the game. A complex love story in fashion design and problems awaits you. Are you equipped to enter this utterly new and equally interesting international? I promise you might not download it. Check out our unique and compelling testimonies and anecdotes.

It might be amusing to be the main man or woman inside the story that you secretly dreamed of being the heroine of a romantic film, proper? And now it seems in Hey Love Chris Mod App, and you play a female pretending to be a style fashion designer for Mason Mack – a luxurious style layout industry businessman. He is a famous designer who has made a call for himself inside the enterprise because of his talent and willpower.

Her designs had been cherished with the aid of all, with a French bloodline full of romance and beauty in her body. But now that things are developing, she desires extra innovative and progressive style collections to take her emblem to the next degree, and you’re her fashion dressmaker. I love taking her commercial enterprise to the masses and satisfying her desire to be a shining famous person in the style world. Can you complete this hard assignment?


A style design surroundings full of creativity and high aesthetics. A vicinity wherein make-up skills gathers and interacts with loads of models, actors, and prestigious agencies who want to work with them.

In the App, you communicate with all people thru SMS with lovable symbols and emojis that make the conversation enjoyable, and you won’t lose interest. The developers fantastically design every man or woman in the game in a smooth and delightful visible novel/otome recreation fashion. You might be extremely joyful with the aid of us, dare to mention.

This is a sport that imitates Japanese otome games. The game’s aim is to create a romantic dating among the heroine and some of the male characters. But it is a wholly new genre and has capabilities that entice players.

You performed the woman lead in “He” Love Chris” a”d have a passionate relationship with one of style’s mentioned and beloved male characters. There are three gifted applicants for you, and also you select the one you want the best or first-class according to your taste. But this choice is not so easy. While picking, you may face a few issues and should solve their hassle.

For example, if you had been pregnant with ChrChris’sdel, how would you manage it? Can you flirt and go out with other people? It relies upon on you; It is as much as you to decide.

Hey Love Chris Mod Apk Features

Interactive option to alternate history

The content material and gameplay of the Hey Love Chris Mod App are sincere because it most effective specializes in supplying characters with many textual content paragraphs for gamers to look at. You must make critical selections, exchange the principle plot and discover a way for every body to move their personal way.

Also, players need to be more immersed in the game, wherein they like to do the whole thing they enjoy.

In addition to converting parameters, players can directly have interaction with any person or scenario with various consequences. Thanks to the diverse alternatives, changing or evolving states are complete of variety and randomness, affecting the characters around them.

This permits players to create more than one situations or perspectives on each character and can substantially have an impact on future occasions.

Meet the new characters within the episode

The most distinguished individual in the game is Chris, a young man with robust emotions for girls and attractive appears. Interacting with him considerably affects the primary story, however gamers can still live with him or permit him pursue a new destiny.

However, most of the game’s activities are tied to it, so each preference later well-knownshows the participant’s.

Immersive snap shots for extra unforgettable moments

As nicely as improving the intensity of the tale, the photo great of Hey Love Chris is stunning and vibrant, with the characters constantly sensible and beautifully portrayed.

The development of the plot forces the participant to head anywhere, and the valuable region of this story is Paris, the city of affection. This ability addition will make the participant enjoy extra thrilling and immersive primarily based on vicinity and environmental factors.

Connect with others in the Messenger app

The notable issue approximately this sport is that thru the messaging App, the pepper can create a story with all of the supporting characters or friends in this international. The messages are humorous and friendly, and gamers can chat in my view or in corporations to add many new dimensions to the tale.


Also, sure occasions will happen via the messenger, in an effort to make everything extra dramatic and surprising.

Wide variety of costume customization

Besides supplying a romance-stuffed tale, Hey Love Chris offers players get entry to to exceptional outfits to personalize the character. In certain situations, apparel can promote affection and permit players to discover many thrilling matters about their splendor.

Some new skins also are unlocked as players progress, giving them plenty of thoughts to make themselves appearance fantastic.

A love story with four people, mainly an LGBT one

The game has 4 specific characters, and you may flirt with all four if you need. Love Story Players turn out to be famous fashion designers in Hey Love Chris Chat. But things aren’t smooth as you think when your individual discovers she’s pregnant by way of a model named Chris.

this is one of the maximum difficult situations in a love tale chat.

It is the 1/3 gender aside from the 3 guys in a love tale. A dating with an LGBT individual is likewise worth an revel in in case you need to carry new feelings into a dating.

Different and clean content material

The game currently has dozens of different tales to choose from coping with a couple of areas consisting of circle of relatives, co-workers… Each tale evolves as a message, so the notification need to be up to date frequently.

Additional Features

  • A unique and moving story of being pregnant in the world of fashion


  • Four one-of-a-kind LGBT love stories
  • 36 Final Changes: Decide how your tale will cease and help your pals and circle of relatives make choices approximately their lives.
  • More than forty illustrations in a beautiful visible novel and anime fashion
  • Hundreds of options
  • One of the best textual content games available on the market: chat love tale has never been so beautiful.

A love story in the global of fashion

Get prepared for a contemporary Hey Love Chris Mod Apk App. In this newsletter-primarily based CYOA game, you figure as a style clothier for Maison Mac. Famous Parisian dressmaker John Mack asks you to find a new garb line so as to wow the public and positioned his company inside the highlight. Are you equipped for movement? Are you making the proper choice?

Chat and SMS with one of a kind characters in one messaging App. Each Appthem is hand-drawn in a lovely visible novel/autoplay style.

You can select who you flirt with: 3 capacity fanatics await you. It is feasible! Doing LGBT romance for the primary time! Setting a date won’t be clean, even though: YouYou’vest observed out you are elegant with a model named Chris. How might you handle this situation? Can you still flirt and date? It’It’sur a desire. It’it’sur the subsequent sport.


Choose to explore and broaden relationships

It’It’st pretty much your career, Hey Love Chris Mod App immerses you in an exciting love story. Players can meet and interact with the pinnacle male and woman fashions and probable expand a dating.

There are 4 attractive options for players including LGBT lovers. Each man or woman has their persona and improvement. Therefore, each possibility is exciting and promises many surprises for the gamers.

The game also offers hundreds of puzzles and selection-making options for the players. Please choose one of the to be had alternatives and see what takes place subsequent; it is up to you. Also, the sport is integrated with a digital chat that lets in gamers to immerse themselves in conversations with their teammates and people they like,

In a verbal exchange, players have numerous alternatives to respond to an opponent. And those choices make contributions considerably on your relationship as properly. Sometimes someone offers you a warm invitation. You are unfastened to reject or accept it as you spot healthy.

Beautiful and young discern

The design fashion of the sport is modern and younger, which draws many younger players. The characters are vivid, with many dynamic expressions and movements that create a sense of authenticity inside the story.

In addition, the virtual chat interface is similar to these days’spular chat applications. So gamers can easily get entry to it and experience everything in this game. Apart from textual content, they also can use specific icons and stickers to express emotions.


And after chatting, sometimes you get hot and beautiful images too. Fluent dialogues, lovely visuals, catchy track, what might be higher?

Chat tale for otome fanatics

For individuals who love Hey Love Adam or Tim and are prepared for our new text recreation, you ought to play this loose interactive tale now. We’We’vede predominant adjustments to satisfy our players’ quests:

The default visuals of our previous video games have been replaced with surprisingly trendy Otome-fashion visuals. We have a complete manga visual novel design because we selected to create our ID. It will remind you of your favorite anime testimonies while being precise!

Although you play as a pregnant lady, this sport isn’t just a “l. A.” -“boys can revel in it too! We have covered the opportunity of an LGBT novel. Now you may flirt with one of the many girl protagonists. Although this is not an LGBT-best recreation, you may choose to be immediately—It’It’sur a choice.

It shares the identical DNA as our different textual content stories and includes the entirety you adore about the preceding versions: communicate, humor, friends, significant alternatives, love testimonies, and romance. All those factors are wrapped up in an enlightening account. Our new otome scenes will fill your creativeness with glad, active characters.

Whether youyou’reoking for a trending recreation, a being pregnant recreation, an adult favorite, or a courting simulation, we’we’rere youyou’lljoy the App. This Apple will appeal to any player who desires to enjoy a unfastened interactive tale written as a text recreation/chat story.

Straightforward gameplay however is still addictive.

The gameplay of the Hey Love Chris Mod App is simple, like different visual novel video games. All you need to do is send the choice within the machine message. These selections determine the end of the love courting and choose the right desire for the right ending. With so many opportunities, every love story in this game has 36 exceptional finishes.


Although the gameplay of the App is straightforward, you will get addicted to this recreation very quickly. You need to think to make the right decision, and the story continues. That way, you’ll be hooked on the game right away.


Get prepared for version new Hey Love Chris Mod Apk. In this broadly speaking text-based totally CYOA sport, you figure as a seamstress for Mason Mack. Famous Parisian dressmaker John Mack asks you to find a new apparel line which can wow the group and receives his enterprise noticed. Are you within the same situation? Do you pick out the nice?

In the App, you cApp and textual content with totally unique characters in the Messenger app. Each of them is created as a terrific visual novel/car game. You decide who you flirt with: three ability enthusiasts watch for you. It Offers LGBT Romance For The First Time!

However, the choice wasn’t smooth until now: you just determined out you are pregnant with a version named Chris. How would you method this example? Can you preserve flirting and dating? The choice is yours, it’s ur next recreation.

YouYou’llally chat with everyone on Hey Love Chris Mod Apk with adorable icons and emojis that make conversations interesting and keep you from getting bored. The builders will hand draw each man or woman in the game in a beautiful vivid and delightful visible novel/otome sport fashion. I dare you to be charmed through us by myself.

The game is based totally on the Japanese recreation Otome. The recreation’s aim is to create a romantic courting among the heroine and various male characters. On the opposite hand, It has a logo-new fashion with particular capabilities that attract gamers. In the App, you pApped the girl lead and had a tumultuous dating with particularly charming and admirable male characters. The international of favor.

You can choose from three superb alternatives, and consistent with your unique preferences, choose the one that fits you first-rate. In this example, but, it is not so easy. You will face many problems and correct errors whilst making your decisions.


How to down load and installation the Hey Love Chris Mod Apk?

This unique assets ensures that its customers are constantly protected. If you can not locate this App in theAppogle Play Store, you could usually download it from this internet site. Before completing the idea, observe the steps beneath to install this App on AndAppd devices.

  1. Go to “Un” acknowledged Sources” i” Settings. After that, go to Security and enable the Security choice.
  2. Go to the down load manager of your Android tool and click on on Hey Love Chris Mod. Now it’it’sme a good way to download it.
  3. Where you may discover two options on the cellular display, there are two ways to install an operating gadget, and all you need to do is boot it quickly on your Android tool.
  4. You will see a popup with options on your cellular display. You need to wait some time for it to appear.
  5. When all downloads and installations are entire, click on the “Op”n” oven and open the screen on your cellular device.

What are the earnings and consequences of downloading the Hey Love Chris Mod Apk File directly?


  • You can download any model of the software at once from the third-celebration internet site. You could have the app documents of most versions, and you can down load them consistent with your wishes.
  • Unlike Play Store, downloading is immediate; you do not to await the review process, and so forth.
  • After downloading, there may be an APK report to your reminiscence card/device reminiscence. So you may uninstall and reinstall them normally without downloading them.


  • Google does not generally test to download apps from 1/3-birthday celebration assets. So it is able to be harmful on your smartphone.
  • APK documents may additionally comprise viruses that steal records from your smartphone or harm your smartphone.
  • Your apps update due to the fact they do not generally have get admission to to the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can ApkResult.Com guarantee one hundred% protection for the Hey Love Chris Mod App?

A: If someone desires to down load an APK document from ApkResult.Com, we take a look at the relevant APK document on Google Play and permit users to download it immediately (of course they may be cached on our server). You will discover the APK document in our cache if it does now not exist in Google Play.

Q: Installing an APK from ApkResult.Com allows updating it from the Play Store.

A: Yes, of route. The Play Store installs from GooGoogle’srvers, aside from downloading and putting in your provider, and page loading from websites like ApkResult.Com is the identical.

After you download the new edition of the App, an upAppe will start without delay.

Q: How come Android App Permission is needed in an effort to download Hey Love Chris Mod Apk?

A: Applications want to access positive devdevices’stems. Once an application is installed, they will tell you of all required permissions.



This assessment ought to have fulfilled all your queries about the Hey Love Chris Mod Apk; download this exceptional App for AnAppid & PC and revel in it. Apkresult is a secure source to download APK files and feature nearly all apps from all genre and category.

For any discrepancy, please comment your mind in the remark section or e-mail us at the official e-mail identification supplied inside the contact us segment.

Download Hey Love Chris Mod APK is positioned in the Simulation class and was evolved with a median rating on our website is 4.1 out of five stars.

However, this App is ratApp4 out of 5 stars according to extraordinary rating systems.

You can also reply Hey Love Chris Mod APK on our internet site in order that our users can higher apprehend ​​the application.

You can visit the legitimate developer website for more records in case you want to realize greater about Hey Love Chris Mod APK.

Twenty-six thousand 5 hundred 40 customers fee the average rating.

The App turned into raApp 1-star by means of 30 customers and five-star with the aid of 22145 users.

The App has beAppdownloaded at least times, however the number of downloads can reach .

Download Hey Love Chris Mod APK If you need a free app in your Action tool, but you want a 7.Zero+ model or higher to put in this App.

  • Bug RApplved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed Boosted

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