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Imo APK International Calls & Chat

IMO APK provides an efficient and cost-effective means of staying in touch with people around the globe. By using your mobile number as identification verification, this app doesn't require an email address or password - simply a unique mobile number for verification!
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Jul 11, 2023
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IMO APK Review – International Calls & Chat

IMO APK provides an efficient and cost-effective means of staying in touch with people around the globe. By using your mobile number as identification verification, this app doesn’t require an email address or password – simply a unique mobile number for verification!

iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS users can all take advantage of it to reduce data costs by syncing their chats in the cloud.


IMO APK is a messaging service that enables users to stay in touch with friends and family by offering free voice and video calls, text messaging features and photo/video sharing. Furthermore, it supports multilingual voice/video calling as well as multilingual callback features. Furthermore, its interface is user-friendly making IMO an excellent solution for those new to instant messaging.

One of the best things about IMO is its free availability; no in-app purchases or ads are offered within it, though they may contain content inappropriate for children. Furthermore, the app collects information regarding device models, content viewed, demographic data of its users and such which can raise privacy issues.

IMO stands out by offering high-quality voice and video calls, instant messages and group creation capabilities – all available across any mobile device! Additionally, its intuitive user-friendly interface enables it to work on any mobile device seamlessly while offering various stickers, emoticons, group creation options as well as sending files/images from other applications safely into its cloud storage system.

Though IMO has many great features, it isn’t a universal messaging program – only compatible with users of its service (IMO users). Furthermore, customization may be limited when compared with other services; yet regardless of these drawbacks it still makes for an excellent messaging program for international users as its setup process doesn’t require usernames or PIN numbers.

Imo APK Cons

IMO is an easy and free way to stay in touch with family and friends who live overseas, offering crystal-clear voice and video calls as well as unlimited messaging with strong security measures to safeguard your privacy. Furthermore, its messages can be deleted without leaving a trace, providing your conversation remains private.

IMO’s versatility makes it ideal for desktop computers and smart watches alike, plus other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Furthermore, using this app is simple – simply access all your contacts anytime from any device!

IMO has one major limitation compared to its competition in that it only works between users who also use IMO, meaning if your friends don’t use it you won’t be able to contact them. Furthermore, as it doesn’t use end-to-end encryption it may not be the ideal choice for making private calls.

While IMO is available as a free download and use, it does contain advertisements. You can opt out by purchasing one of IMO’s subscription packages ranging from $.99 to $4.99 per month; additionally you can add 25GB of cloud storage at additional cost.

IMO is one of the most beloved messaging apps on Android, thanks to its clean design, low call prices for international calls, HD-quality audio/video calls and Xbox One compatibility. Unlike some messaging apps with hidden fees or complicated feature sets like Skype or Viber, IMO’s user experience is simple yet no hidden charges or subscription costs may arise compared to its competition; additionally, security concerns remain.

Imo APK Pros

IMO works on any device and provides free calls, video chats, messages and group chatting across 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi connections worldwide. Group chat support and file transfer of any size are also supported. Lastly, its user-friendly interface and clear presentation make this an invaluable service. Logging in using your phone number allows users to easily locate contacts using its address book feature.

IMO offers another major benefit – security. Your calls and texts are encrypted end to end so they can’t be read by anyone without access to your account, ensuring your conversations remain private even if you lose your device or switch phone numbers.

IMO can also help you share photos, videos, and documents with your friends and family members. The file transfer system in IMO works similarly to Skype but comes equipped with extra features such as editing features and adding stickers; additionally you can even record voice notes!

One disadvantage of IMO is that it can only be used with other users of the application, a restriction you should keep in mind before downloading and using this program.

IMO differs from other social media platforms in that it does not promote content through algorithms, making it hard to know how much protection it offers against bad language or inappropriate material for minors. Still, they strive to provide a safe environment by mandating that users be at least 13 before being eligible to use their platform.

How to Download Imo

IMO is an instant messaging application that enables users to communicate in multiple languages with friends and make video and voice calls from any internet-enabled device, making it ideal for frequent travelers. Plus, its extensive range of emoticon stickers lets you express emotion during conversations!

Although Imo has made its mark among communication apps, it has not reached the same popularity of WhatsApp or Viber. But Imo does offer high-quality video and voice calling features – as well as being compatible with tablets so families can stay in contact from multiple devices at the same time!

One of the key advantages of this app is its end-to-end encryption feature, which protects all communication. This makes it easier for use on slower connections while saving money on data costs – though please note this only applies when speaking to other IMO users.

This app also offers a file transfer system, making it simple and quick to transfer pictures, videos, documents, and PDFs between friends and family living abroad. Furthermore, its searchable chat history feature makes finding old messages straightforward.

Parents must be aware that IMO can access their child’s contact information and use their image for advertising. Children under 13 should avoid this service. Furthermore, any user content created using IMO and its subsidiaries becomes the property of IMO itself – potentially problematic for teenagers who use this platform for sexting purposes.

How to Installation Imo

IMO is an app designed to facilitate communication among friends and family living overseas. It features both secret conversation mode and group chat options; its video/voice calls have superior quality – making IMO an excellent option for users with fast Internet connections.

IMO app is available free for both Android and iOS devices, making installation quick and straightforward. Once downloaded, the app will update itself automatically on your device before asking permissions to access your contacts and call history. Upon granting these rights, download will commence with a progress bar displayed on screen indicating its progress; once complete you will receive notification that IMO has been installed successfully on your device.

IMO’s app also makes it easy to send and receive media files, including photos, videos, documents, voice files, as well as low data usage mode for those with limited Internet connections. Furthermore, the IMO app syncs your messages across all your devices allowing you to easily locate contacts while also using customized profiles to express yourself more fully.

Parents may be alarmed that Imo collects personal data on its users, including device model, content accessed within the app and demographic data. Furthermore, users’ content becomes property of Imo and its subsidiaries and may be used for marketing purposes; furthermore it could even be downloaded by minors who may use it inappropriately such as for sexting and other forms of sexual behavior.


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