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Gravity Form 2.5.14 Nulled Free Download

Gravity Form 2.5.14 Nulled is a WordPress plugin used firstly for contact forms, but in a more general sense, it allows point possessors to produce forms to collect information.
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Gravity Form 2.5.14 Nulled:

Gravity Form 2.5.14 Nulled is a WordPress plugin used firstly for contact forms, but in a more general sense, it allows point possessors to produce forms to collect information. Gravity Forms can be used for contact forms, WordPress post creation, calculators, employment operations, and further.

Written in PHP, Gravity Forms uses numerous WordPress erected-in functions and features to power its form builder. It also uses the same MySQL database system like WordPress, but stores all forms and entries in its own tables.
any point is suitable to use the Gravity Forms plugin.

By dereliction, you’ll only see two options when you search for‘ Gravity Forms’from from within the plugin menu.


Form Builder:

Structure forms are easier than ever with Gravity Forms. Choose from turn-crucial templates, or shoot for the moon with truly custom-made creations.

Drag-and-Drop Builder:

Snappily design and make your WordPress forms using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder tools.

Accessible and Biddable:

All systems go. With Gravity Forms, you’ll have everything you need to make WCAG2.0 AA biddable forms, so you will not leave anyone behind.

Form Import:

Produce new forms in a flash or back over your lines using our simple import and import functions.

Multi-Column Layouts:

Choose the number of columns you need, customize the range, and drag fields within the builder to add a new column.

Save & Continue

Boost retention and form completion by giving druggies the capability to save their form entries and continue at any point.

Paginated Forms:

Make longer forms further approachable by breaking them into multiple runners with lower scrolling and further submitting.

Responsive Forms:

There’s always a bigger fish. And a lower one. And an Android one. Completely responsive forms acclimatize to any device or resolution.

WordPress Multisite Compatible:

Produce and partake forms and form data across your entire WordPress Multisite macrocosm.

Language Support:

Have control over foreign languages for your forms. Gravity Forms will inherit the language setting in your general WordPress settings.

Custom Form CSS:

Astral point design frequently needs a little commodity redundant. Fluently apply custom CSS to your forms for a flawless experience.

30 Form Fields:

Gravity Forms is truly charged control for your WordPress forms. With an ever-growing list of fields, custom forms are a breath.

Tentative Sense:

Over-engineered forms are a thing of history. WIth tentative sense, you can display or hide fields, sections, runners, and further, all grounded on stoner selections.

Data Collection:

There’s a lot of data out there to get lost in. Graveness Forms helps you collect it securely and use it for good.

Dispatch Sense:

Configure complex dispatch routing for form announcements and documentations grounded on stoner selections and tentative sense.

Field Confirmation:

Keep your data clean by using field confirmation settings. No more riddle cessions for you!

API & Webhooks:

Use our open REST API and simple webhooks to produce custom form integrations or workflows.

Partial Entries:

Capture data from druggies who started a form, but abandoned it before hitting submit. Use this data to ameliorate form transformations.

Data Routing:

Feed data from your forms and fluently route cessions to different places (CRM, Zapier, dispatch, etc.) depending on the criteria you set.

Import & Export:

Pack up your form and take it with you, whether you’re exporting directly to another point or saving a CSV of entries for your time capsule.

Train Uploads:

Beam me up! Prints and train attachments are a breath. Just add train upload fields to your form, and druggies can shoot lines directly to your garçon.

Dynamic Field Values:

Help druggies fill forms bus-magically with dynamic fields. Suggestions can be peopled by stoner selection, query strings, or field type.


Use computations within fields, enabling the value of a field to be stoutly calculated grounded on a fine formula.

Quizzes and Pates:

Feedback is a two-way road with automatic scoring on quizzes and a polling option to get feedback to your own platoon, too.


Fluently interact with your druggies to both collect and dissect data on your target followership.

Digital Autographs

Allow druggies to subscribe to your forms electronically using a touchscreen device, touchpad, or mouse.


The sky’s the limit when you manage online payments with Graveness Forms.

Reduction Canons:

Produce and manage custom canons to automatically calculate abatements for your druggies.

Automated Payments:

Manage subscriptions and recreate payments with automated workflows using your favored payment processor.

Payment Processor Integration:

Gravity Forms integrates with Stripe, Square, Mollie, and further to help you manage secure deals directly from your WordPress forms.

PCI Biddable:

Forms are just one piece of your PCI Compliance mystification — but we check the boxes where it counts.


Gathering data on your point? Our form result is completely secure.

GDPR Biddable:

Gravity Forms includes tools for managing particular data and validating stoner concurrence for third-party feeds.

V2 Unnoticeable and Checkbox reCAPTCHA:

Google reCAPTCHA v2 & v3
Forfend off spam and bot irruptions with support for both Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3.


Stop bots in their tracks with an anti-spam sinkhole or use our Akismet integration to produce a force field for your data.

Security Checkups:

As Guardians of the Gravity Forms, our platoon routinely checkups all law across the Gravity Forms suite of plugins on a daily basis.


Open the cover bay doors, HAL. Gravity Forms are all kinds of extensible.

Hundreds of Conduct and Pollutants:

With further than 500 available hooks, you can choose your own form-filled fortune.

Well-Proved Law:

The foundation of good law is comprehendible attestation. We make our law approachable by choosing clear names for variables and functions and leaving brief commentary within the law to give an environment.

Expansive API:

The GF API class allows you to fluently push and pull data to your heart’s content. Use it to manage forms, entries, and more.

Gravity Forms Change Log

2.5.15 | 2021-11-16

  • Added a prefix to section IDs in the Settings API to make it less likely that sections and fields will have the same ID.
  • Added new filter: gform_get_form_confirmation_filter
  • Fixed an issue that prevents keyboard navigation from working in a form with multi-file upload and page fields.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Javascript errors when a form is added to the page via a custom Gutenberg block such as ACF.
  • Fixed an issue that caused sales results filters to show up on quiz, survey, and polls results pages.
  • Fixed an issue where aria-labels for name field inputs are incorrect by removing aria-labels from fieldset inputs.
  • Fixed an issue with conditional logic when targeting checkbox fields and using “is not empty” as a rule.
  • Updated invisible CAPTCHA processing to reduce chances of multiple submit button clicks generating duplicate submissions.

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