WP Testimony Plus Settings

WP Testimony Plus Settings


  • URL Slug. Supply this field with your preferred content to use as the base when structuring the link of the testimony’s/testimonial’s single


Rich Snippet Settings. Settings under this section handle rich snippets which are detailed information displayed on search engines to help users with specific queries.

  • Activate Rich Snippets in Shortcodes. If this option is enabled then Schema.org Aggregate Review data will be added to the layouts generated by
  • Activate Rich Snippets in Widget. If this option is enabled then Schema.org Aggregate Review data will be added to the layouts in widgets.
  • Activate Rich Snippets in Single Page. If this option is enabled then Schema.org Aggregate Review data will be added to the single page


Product or Service being Reviewed. The search engines need to know what is being reviewed. Use one of the two options below to define what product or service is being reviewed. In addition, you can also set a custom product or service name for each layout you create with editor shortcode

  • use Groups as Products. Turning the switch On will automatically set the group where the testimony/testimonial is saved to be the product or service
  • Default Product/Service Name. Supply this field with the default product or service name reviewed by the testimony/testimonial.


  • Use Gravatar. If the switch is turned On, the plugin will check if a thumbnail image has been supplied by the author. Otherwise, the plugin will check for the Gravatar service to find out if there is an account registered on the email and use the image saved on that account.


How to Display Testimony/Testimonial Forms in Sidebars


  1. To display testimony/testimonial forms in sidebars, navigate to

Appearance -> Widgets.

  1. Search for the WP Testimony Plus widget with the heading Form Testimony.
  2. Drag the widget to the desired location in the
  3. Once you have placed it in the sidebar, supply the necessary fields to display the testimony/testimonial form.

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