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how to get unlimited storage space for free

As digital marketing grove up the cloud storage becomes more and more important to us. Nowadays the cloud storage becomes more expensive for a small business thus the question is, can we grab the cloud storage for free, the answer is absolutely yes for some reason google drive, mega, and much more cloud servers also offer some limited space for their user for free but today we gonna grab unlimited space for free without any restriction at all.


signup to filecad

you can signup using Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

After successful signup verifies your mail address and your account will be activated.

Go to your account section you will see the available storage should be unlimited.

we did it.

Hidden Features:

Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates

Upload your files and you\’ll be paid for every file downloaded on your account. Files above 10MB will count. See the payment rates below:

  • Group A:  Antigua and Barbuda, Angola, Algeria, United Kingdom, United States
  • Group B:  Qatar, Reunion, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad, and Tobago
  • Group C:  Ivory Coast, Jersey, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan
  • Group D:  Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe
  • Group E:  Jordan, Marshall Islands, Mali
  • Group F:  Saint Martin, Saint Pierre, and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Group G:  Other

Other features:


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