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Activator windows, office:

This package includes multiple files release by  through which you can do a lot.

The archive contains

  1.  Activator Windows 7-8-10
  2.  MS-Active
  3. Activation Windows
  4. Disable Windows Update Access
  5. Enable Windows Update Access
  6. MS-Active
  7.  KMSAuto.Lite.BAK
  8.  KMSAuto.Lite

as an executable file for activating windows and the office of any version.






windows activator



The archive also includes 10 bonus scripts from which perform different functions at your fingertips these files includes,

  1. Auto-Update-Enable_Disable-Win10
  2. KMS-Genuine-Ticket-Block
  3. NetFX3-Online-Install-Win10
  4. Reboot-to-Windows-Recovery-mode
  5. Drivers-Auto-Update-Enable_Disable-Win10
  6. Search_Bar_Internet_Enable-Disable-Win10
  7. System_File_Check
  8. System_File_Repair
  9. Telemetry-Enable_Disable-Win10
  10. Update-NGEN-Images
  11. WinAmp Telemetry-Enable_Disable-Win10
  12. WinDefender-Enable_Disable-Win10
  13. wushowhide


Extract using WinRAR







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